BTV Solo ScreenBTV Solo beat maker software lets you make rap, R&B, House, Dubstep and hip hop beats beats from house with only your present computer or notebook

Perhaps you have been unhappy with the results and tried other beat making software? What this means is you can begin making quality beats that are professional when you install this program in your [mac or pc] computer.

BTVSolo is user-friendly and designed to be quick to learn. Triggers and keyboard shortcuts allow it to be simple to make music on eight octaves of kits and keys. You get the ability to change out kits and samples on the fly and station, mute and solo buttons for each, and 16 stereo channels per pad. BTVSolo beat maker software is not incompatible with midi controls, in order to plug in pad or your own computer keyboard to input signal sounds at the same time.

BTV Solo Software

BTV additionally lets you download pre-made loops to make loops and beats that sound the same as 2000 xl or the MPC 5000 drum machine. If you are trying to find something which provides customized choices, do not worry, that is covered by BTV, also. It’s power packed, fully customizable and user friendly. It’s possible for you to create sounds, your very own presets, loops as well as customize the applications skin for your liking. Lots of music creation applications comes equipped just with preset drum kits, but with BTV it is possible to construct your individual custom drum kits using your own sounds or the enclosed sample libraries. There’s literally no limit to what you are able to create. Constructing the kits is easy and you can pull sounds in and put them where you need to put them.

BTV Solo

BTV Solo is the most popular beat making applications out there now! Ridiculously low cost and its simplicity makes it a no brainer for both professionals and rookies!